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Internship (Training) & Hiring Programs

“Join our training program to embark your professional journey with high spirits & without clouds of confusion.”

When you enter the inventive and innovative business world of Plaxonic Technologies, you are welcomed just like everyone else who works with us. Our team mentors you with the right information and practices to assure that working on real projects fuels within you – confidence, zeal and enthusiasm to push your own limits. We guide you with experts ways to deliver your best in everything you do and learn a bit more than the previous day.

Our internship programs gives you space to bloom into your best, discover your inner potential and experiment things you have never dared to imagine before.

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“Once you complete your training period, you are approached by some of the most influential brands. Once you transform yourself as per our counseling, you are all set to walk in every direction that reaps recognition & stability for your career.”


What Happens During Your Internship Period?

As an intern at Plaxonic Technologies, you spend 3-4 months with us and get ample opportunities to grow your knowledge regarding technology and multiple business applications as well as processes. We assign our very best & focused people to work on you and with you, thereby, taking your skills to a whole new level of perfection.

Up-to-date technologies, innovative tools and advanced methodologies are presented to you each day. From learning the art of starting a project to managing it, from communicating with clients to running your mind in every direction to find out-of-the box solutions, you get to do it all. Moreover, you are helped to enhance your networking and interactive skills, since they are the wheels to grab opportunities, make the best out of them and earn some really powerful professionals by your side.


Perks You Get Your Hands On

Exposure & opportunities to connect with new people

Not only you catch up with our professionals but also get to meet other trainers like you. This definitely helps you socialize and exchange your ideas & concepts with the relevant people.

Learn from the leaders

Nothing could be better than learning through the managers and team leaders. Working with them helps you monitor the industry trends closely and adapt to them, which adds even more to your knowledge and increases your chances of attracting impressive companies to contact with you in future.

More & more experience

Whatever you learn, you are given opportunity to apply it and test yourself. This way, your strong areas turn even stronger and weak areas are improved on time.

Training workshops

We let you participate in some of the best training programs conducted by celebrated personalities. This helps you to enhance both your skills and knowledge.

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Coming Soon

More will be revealed shortly. Until then, visit us on Desktop/Laptop.