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Fraudulent Recruitment Policy

"Setting goals, breaking them and setting new goals all-over again is our law to deliver remarkable results."

Our team has found out certain organizations and individuals contacting people to offer fake employment opportunities with Plaxonic Technologies. This matter is extremely serious for us and we want to clarify that such scam are frauds and intend to steal confidential details from people. We don’t want to see anybody falling victim to such foul plays and end up in adverse consequences; hence, we are making you aware about this intense matter.

We urge you to not share your details, both personal as well as financial with anyone you find suspicious. Plaxonic Technologies never asks the job seeking individuals for any money and if you come across someone who asks you money and claims being our executive or representative, do not pay attention to them.

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If you suspect someone and receive any email from them, kindly forward it to our official email, contact@plaxonic.com along with the original subject line and header details.

Under any circumstances, never share your CV on such fraudulent email ids. If you want to apply for a job with us, submit your application here and you will be contacted whenever we will have vacancy for your interested profile. This link will always keep you updated with legitimate information regarding job opportunities with us.


Please be watchful to phishing scams and fraudulent activities. To keep you away from falling in the state of dilemma regarding the authenticity of a communication you received, take a look at our below listed guidance:

1. Plaxonic Technologies always contacts via a verifiable @plaxonic.com email address. We never contact through non-official email accounts, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

2. Our initial point of contact is through telephone calls made from fixed lines from our offices.

3. Neither Plaxonic Technologies nor its representatives ask for any payment for accommodation, visa fees, travel expenses, taxes or anything else.

4. We never ask for copies of credit card, debit card, passport, driving license or any other personal identification by email.

IMPORTANT: Plaxonic Technologies offers only full-time jobs in the office. Be it any job profile, we do not offer remote jobs under any circumstances.

Plaxonic Technologies has www.plaxonic.com as its one and only official website. We believe you will keep our guidelines in consideration whenever any fallacious possibility tries to approach you.

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Coming Soon

More will be revealed shortly. Until then, visit us on Desktop/Laptop.