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"In the world where businesses born & die every day, we have created a niche that’ll thrive & last beyond decades."

As much as we focus on our corporate responsibilities, we equally focus on our social responsibilities. Plaxonic undertakes, contributes as well as participates in a number of social deeds & ventures to let its positive impact enhance the community and every individual who needs us.

We love connecting with people, we love expanding our network and we love spreading our roots to become a responsible part of not just the business but social world as well. In our words, “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world”.

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Spreading Happiness

One of our most adored concepts, Spreading Happiness is truly a way to bring a smile on the faces of our employees and their families. A surprise visit to the homes of dedicated employees, lots of laughter & fun and gifts for everyone fill love, appreciation & cheerfulness in the moment.


Daughter Of Moon

This initiative of ours is very close to our heart since it stands for a very thoughtful purpose, education for the girl child. The program is all about women and is run exclusively by empowered women who don’t mind going miles to reach every needy home and educate its daughters by sending them to a well reputed school.


Gift Of Joy

Care, concern and love are three things that multiple when shared with the right people. Plaxonians visit orphanages and old age homes to spend quality & joyous time with the needy people. Interacting with them, sharing gifts & food with them and listening to their stories instill in us feelings & emotions that are immensely pure & affectionate.


Training For The Underprivileged

A nation with no time to lift its impoverished population is a nation that can’t
taste success ever. We adhere to this ideology and keep our best foot
forward in approaching our underprivileged youth that's is full of talent &
enthusiasm but lacks resources & finances. By organizing training programs
for them, we give our 100% contribution in shaping their future.

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Wellness Camp

For us, our employees are our backbone and preserving their health through wellness is a responsibility we fulfill in the best way. Medical checkups, first aid facilities, health insurance, clean water & hygienic meals, we provide everything that’s important to keep their well-being in place.



Plaxonic knows that just like everyone else, its people too have certain dreams. To make their dream a real life thing, we have created iWish, a platform where they can open up about their wishes & needs without hesitation. They can send their wish to a dedicated ID and it will be turned into reality without letting anyone else know about it.


Coming Soon

More will be revealed shortly. Until then, visit us on Desktop/Laptop.